Dancing On A Dime: Buy in Bulk

Although we haven't been given our makeup colors or shoe and tight options, there are still ways I am able to prepare for the upcoming competitions. I like to make sure my kit is fully stocked with all of the dance necessities long before I have to throw it in Rac n Roll and run. Right now I'm trying to compile everything I need for hair and body, and spend as little as possible while doing so.

 Fashion Tape from You're Lookin' Good!: This was the supplier I was planning on using for my Competition Box. Seriously, their prices cannot be beat, especially if you're stocking up. They start at $1.39 USD for both 3M 1522 and Red Liner Sensi-Tak (the stronger hold option). There are also shipping costs involved, which start at $10 USD, but by placing a group order with other parents and dancers, and even factoring in the currency exchange, one could pay as little as $2.25 CAD a roll. Forget the $12 that Shoppers Drug Mart charges for the same product, and the $8 that the Capezio Bunheads line charges for pre-cut strips; try heading to your local wig shoppe or check out hairtape.com for some serious savings. It's the same tape!

Hair Nets from Uline: I suppose I'm lucky because the little girl's hair is quite an average color. I can buy any brown hair net for her buns, and they're likely to match. Right now I'm testing out a box of nylon ones I purchased from Uline. Sure, they're meant for food sanitation, but they feel and look the same as the Bunheads ones I get from Discount Dance Supply. Gone are the days of paying $4 for a pack of 3 nets, which will last approximately one wear before they get caught on pins, rip, and have to be tossed out. I paid $22 CAD for a pack of 144 nets. This is another buy in bulk purchase since Uline's site only allows you to buy a minimum of 3 boxes at a time. That's over 400 hair nets. I don't think any dancer could go through that many in a comp season. I did manage to get my hands on one box by calling in instead of ordering online, and being close to their Canadian facility so I could pick up in person. Obviously, this option isn't available to everyone. What I do suggest is checking out a local restaurant supply store or Cash & Carry for a similar product. The cost would mostly likely work out to about about $0.25 a net, rather than the $1 each being paid to dance suppliers.

P.S.: My camera is broken, so I apologize for the crummy images. I would love if someone could recommend a digital camera that works well for blog photography.


Changing course ...

Dancing On A Dime

I've been thinking about changing the purpose of this blog for a while now, mostly because of time constraints. Now that competition season is upon us, it is becoming harder and harder to find the time needed to research supply vendors, comparison shop, product test, and compile kits. While I'm able to do it for the parents who request my assistance at our studio, I don't think I could ever keep up on my own if I wanted to expand my rearch.

Ultimately, I began this journey in order to help parents of child performers save money on activities that are becoming more and more expensive. I would rather be a helpful resource for my peers than a business catering to customers.

From now on, my dance supply posts will be more of a series and will include vendor information, price comparisons, and tips/tricks on how to save some cash. 

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